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Hello and welcome to another installment of the Mariners Weather Log (MWL). I hope that the last grasp of winter’s cold hand is no longer taking hold on you and that you have found a nice and sunny spot to drop anchor and read this MWL.

In this issue, I am the bearer of both happy and sad news. The sad part is that this will be my final issue as Editor of such a prestigious magazine. No, I am not leaving the Voluntary Observing Ship program. It’s just that National Weather Service management finally got tired of my constant requests for ways to better improve the program—so they promoted me up a notch. Was it by merit or just to shut me up, who can say? I could also say that I will miss the extra perspiration searching for articles as deadlines neared or the lively discussions concerning the layout, but that would not be entirely the truth. The good news is that my relief is a solid performer and will continue to do the MWL proud for years to come. I want to officially welcome Mr. John Wasserman as the next in a long line of stalwart supporters of the MWL. For details of John’s storied past, please see page 17.

Okay, enough of my ramblings, the other great news are in the articles we have collected for this issue. Besides the continued stellar reports from Skip Gilham and his shipwrecks or the undaunted efforts of George Bancroft’s marine reviews, this issue brings some great articles from the maritime museums. The Los Angeles Maritime Museum provides us with a glimpse of "Neptune’s Favorites" while the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News, VA provides an expose entitled “Exploration through the Ages.” This excellent work will be come in three parts so be sure to read the final two chapters in the upcoming August and December issues. Another article of note is the announcement that the United States Coast Guard is changing some of the communication reporting procedures—please read the announcement on page 18 to see if this applies to you. Our Anchorage Port Meteorological Officer adds some high praise for one of his consummate performing ships and their personal efforts to help the Alaska region during severe weather conditions.

The MWL also welcomes a new author to our crew. Mr. Ed O’lenic has volunteered to continue the Circulation and Climate Anomaly Review that we all look forward to each issue.

Once again, I hope you enjoy this offering of the MWL and thanks for supporting my efforts as editor of the MWL

It has been an honor - Luke

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