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************************************** IMPORTANT **************************************

  1. It is necessary to set up an address for the Code 41 message in the Standard C software. The SETUP procedure provided below is a one-time process to be completed on initial installation.
  2. The TRANSMISSION instructions provided below are to be followed each time a message is transmitted.
  3. These instructions may vary slightly, depending on the software version and hardware.



  1. At the MAIN MENU highlight EDIT and Press <ENTER>. A small window will appear in the middle of the Main Menu Screen. Select EDIT ASCII FILE and Press <ENTER>.
  2. A small window appears which is called EDIT ASCII FILE. At the cursor enter a file name: "WEATHER OBS" and Press <ENTER>.
  3. The next screen will allow you to EDIT a message. Type in your Meteorological Observation in the proper format. (BBXX). Press F9 (This SAVES the information). Press ESC (Go back to Main Menu).


  1. At the MAIN MENU select TRANSMIT. Select SPECIAL ACCESS NETWORK. and Press <ENTER>.
    • The SPECIAL ACCESS NETWORK window appears. Press <ENTER>. Type in the number "41" and Press <ENTER>.
    • Arrow down to LAND EARTH STATION and Press <ENTER>. Type in your LES/CES ID and Press <ENTER>. (Your LES/CES ID will be determined by your location in relation to the FOOT PRINT of the satellite.)
    • Arrow down to DELIVERY CONFIRMATION and Press <ENTER>. Use the Arrow Key to highlight OFF and Press <ENTER>.
  2. Press F1 (This will SEND THE MESSAGE).
    • When completing the Next Observation go to EDIT the ASCII FILE and EDIT the previous Observation BBXX and SAVE the FILE and SEND the message through the SPECIAL ACCESS NETWORK.

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