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************************************** IMPORTANT **************************************

  1. It is necessary to setup an address for the Code 41 message in the Standard C software. The SETUP procedure provided below is a one-time process to be completed on initial installation.
  2. The TRANSMISSION instructions provided below are to be followed each time a message is transmitted.
  3. These instructions may vary slightly, depending on the software version and hardware.



  1. At the NORMAL STANDBY Position Press F1 (FILE). A small window will appear and Highlight No. 1: New (ALT-N) and Press <ENTER>.
    • A larger window appears. At the cursor type in your Meteorological Observation in the proper format. (BBXX) Press F1 (SAVES MESSAGES).
    • A small window appears. Arrow down to 5: (SAVE ALT-S) and Press <ENTER>.
    • A small window appears in the upper left corner titled SAVE FILE NAME. Enter a Name on the file such as "WEATHER OBS" and Press <ENTER> (SAVED MESSAGE).


  1. Press F3 (SEND/REC): A small window appears in upper left corner. Highlight No.1 (SEND) and Press <ENTER>.
    • Another window appears to the right of TITLE TO SEND MESSAGE. Highlight No. 1 (SEND MESSAGE) and Press <ENTER>.
  2. The SEND MESSAGE window appears.
    • Arrow down to DESTINATION TYPE and Highlight "SPEC".
    • Arrow down to STATION ID and Type in "41".
    • Arrow down to CES ID and type in the LES/CES ID. (Your LES/CES ID will be determined by location in relation to the FOOT PRINT of the satellite.)
    • Arrow down to CONFIRMATION and select OFF and Press <ENTER>.
  3. A small window appears titled SEND START. Highlight YES and Press <ENTER>.
    • At the bottom of the screen it will say: MESSAGE IS ENTERED IN SENDING BUFFER.
    • A window will appear saying: SUCCESSFUL SENDING MESSAGE.
    • The lower left corner of the screen will show the STATUS of the message.
  4. When completing the Next Observation go to FILE and to OPEN and Press <ENTER>. Highlight the last WEATHER OBS message and Press <ENTER>. EDIT the last message and TRANSMIT the message.

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