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Welcome to Spring. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and the sun?s warmth is re-energizing the earth. Ok, so I look at the world from a northern hemispheric perspective - sorry to my friends in the south. It is just that I get all excited as the warm weather returns. Of course, living down in southern Mississippi, it only lasts for a few weeks till the sweltering heat and humidity of the deep south starts kicking back in. Then add the fire ants coming back, plus the intense, springtime thunderstorms, and you wonder why anyone would want to live here at all. Actually, being out at sea is the best you can ask for. You get the warmth of the sun, and the wind in your face to make you feel alive as you travel all around this beautiful orb that we call home. As the seasons change, so does life. There will be good times as well as bad, and it is up to us how we read the clouds and weather our storms. In this issue, we say farewell to one of our own. Jim Nelson, our Houston PMO, has retired and found his own snug harbor. We also get a valuable history lesson about the Edmund Fitzgerald, that can keep us safe in the future. The British Met Office also has donated an interesting article about the escapades and observations of a seventeenth century seafarer named William Dampier. So, no matter what bearing life has you traveling on today, find a leeward shelter for awhile and enjoy our latest offering of the Mariners Weather Log


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