Upcoming INMARSAT Identification Changes

Robert Luke, U.S. VOS Program Manager

Vizada Satellite Communications, the primary provider of satellite communications for the U.S. VOS program has recently upgraded their system to expedite communication traffic flow. As with most technological advances, some older systems become less productive. This is the case with the Land Earth Stations ID designated as x01 (i.e. COMSAT 001, 101, 201 and 301).

In order to ensure expedited routing, all communication normally transmitted to any x01 series ID should be directed to the upgraded x04 series IDs.

While the x01 series IDs will continue to process any communication traffic received, transmission delays will become more and more likely. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone start switching their INMARSAT addresses over to the X04 Series.

For more information or assistance, please contact your local Port Meteorological Officer (PMO) or the national VOS program office at vos@noaa.gov.

Operator Service Station ID AOR-W AOR-E POR IOR
Vizada C 004 104 204 304
Vizada C (Amver/SEAS) 004 104 204 304

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